Agile Scrum Master Training

The Agile Scrum Master training course is an exclusive two-day training course, educating individuals about the Agile Scrum framework. Training covers the scrum principles and practices using a combination of discourse, interactive exercises, case studies, and open discussion to create an effective interactive learning experience. Upon completion, individuals have practical guidance in the adoption of Scrum principles.

Benefits of Agile Scrum Master Training:

  • Get a solid base of Scrum knowledge.
  • Stay relevant and marketable.
  • Scrum Master certification benefits your organization.
  • Influence your organization to adopt an Agile methodology.
  • Prove your core Scrum knowledge to peers.


  • Anyone who wants a complete overview of Scrum. There is no specific education or experience required to get CSM certification; however, one must have basic knowledge about the Scrum process.
  • A candidate preparing for a Scrum certification.
  • Project managers/Delivery managers/IT managers.