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About Lex-Q Certifications

Lex-Q Certifications is founded by a professional management team with extensive knowledge & rich experience of all aspects of the ‘Management Systems’. Lex-Q Certifications is an Independent, Impartial and Proficient Certification Body Established as Per Requirements Of ISO/IEC 17021:2011. Lex-Q Certifications offers training, internal audit review, and pre-assessment auditing services for certification in ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1, CMMI DEV and SVC V1.3. We work with companies around the world, including India, the United States, Japan, Tanzania, the UAE, and Singapore. Contact us to find out more.

About Lex-Q Certifications
  • Help our clients achieve or exceed their goals
  • To be a global certification body
  • Driven by passion for quality and innovation
  • To ensure customers are happy with our services
  • Constantly innovate and improve services
  • Contribute to our clients quality improvement and enhance their value for audit services and CMMI Appraisals.
  • Be a leader in training and consulting services, providing the best value to our customers.
  • We are dedicated to establishing ourselves as a reliable and authoritative certification body that empowers organizations to be more reliable and competent.

Our Core Values include building the highest qualified team, listening to client requirements and needs, and meeting or exceeding client expectations.

We are certified in international management system standards and attest to our customers, competitors, workforce, and stakeholders that we follow and use best practices.

It can be a challenge for any company to decide which third-party certification body to choose to ensure they are getting valuable and credible certification services.

Lex-Q is an accredited certification body across several certifications and international standards. As a global provider of training, audit, certification and appraisal services, Lex-Q delivers expertise in CMMI appraisals, Quality Management Systems, Information Security, IT Service Management System, AgileSecurity Risk Assessment and Individual Certifications.

We offer efficient and effective auditing and management system certifications that builds trust and adds value to your organization in line with regulatory and customer requirements. We are proud of our team of Certified Auditors. They have earned certifications that are the benchmark for Management System Audits, demonstrating their commitment, excellence and professionalism.

Here at Lex-Q, we are dedicated to making our mark as a reliable and efficient certification body that boosts organizations reliability and competency. We aim to achieve this by providing services that are always administered with integrity, professionalism, and fairness that can benefit society as a whole.